Token Standards

Plume supports a variety of token standards to represent the full spectrum of use cases across all categories of real world assets. Asset issuers can tokenize their assets directly from the Plume Admin Dashboard and deploy any of these token contracts with a single click. Here is a table outlining our supported token standards and their respective use cases:

Token StandardDescriptionExamples of Real World Assets

ERC-20 Token Standard

Fungible tokens that are not investment contracts (no expectation of profits, not fractionalized)

  • Cryptocurrencies and stablecoins that can be exchanged for physical services

  • Loyalty points at restaurants, airlines, retailers, sports teams, etc.

  • Carbon offset credits

ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard

Non-fungible tokens that are not investment contracts

  • Complete artworks like paintings, sculptures, prints, artifacts, etc.

  • Individual casks of whiskey

  • Intellectual property from patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

ERC-1155 Multi Token Standard

Semi-fungible tokens that are not investment contracts

  • Rare physical collectibles like stamps, coins, Pokemon cards, etc.

  • Resources and items in online games

  • Tradable tickets to physical events

  • Physical IoT devices

ERC-3643 T-REX - Token for Regulated EXchanges

Fungible security tokens

  • Investments in physical projects like solar farms, infrastructure, mining, etc.

  • Commercial and residential real estate

  • Commodities like precious metals, crude oil, agricultural products, etc.

  • Stocks, bonds, and other instruments

ERC-3643: T-REX - Token for Regulated EXchanges

ERC-3643 defines a token standard that can represent institutional-grade security tokens in a compliant manner. Asset issuers that tokenize their real world assets using ERC-3643 have access to interfaces that set transfer restrictions, freeze tokens, burn tokens, and forcibly transfer tokens—all critical actions for tokenized representations of real world assets regulated by securities agencies.

ERC-3643 was developed by Tokeny and submitted as an EIP in July 2021, and Tokeny has also developed an open-source reference implementation on GitHub. The standard is completely ERC-20 compatible, as it implements all required ERC-20 methods and events (

Relevant Unsupported Token Standards

We have chosen not to support certain relevant token standards for the initial launch of Plume. Many of these standards have low adoption among the community and only a single reference implementation. We will consider supporting some of these token standards only at the request of a dedicated RWA project that wants to onboard to Plume.

In particular, we do not support any of the finalized soul-bound token standards. The primary use case of soul-bound tokens in an ecosystem for real-world assets is to attest to user identities and accreditation status, which will instead be provided by the ONCHAINID system, with native integration for the ERC-3643 T-REX standard. The existing soul-bound token standards offer minimum functionality above the base ERC-721 NFT standard and have seen no serious adoption.

Token StandardDescriptionCurrent Status

ERC-1400 Security Token Standard

Fungible security tokens

  • Extends ERC-20 to manage identity, compliance, transfer restrictions, redemption, and revocation for tokenized securities

  • Has not reached the ERC standards track

  • Has limited developer activity since 2021

  • Mainly championed by Polymath Network, and has limited deployments and ecosystem support

ERC-4519 Non-Fungible Tokens Tied to Physical Assets

Non-fungible tokens that represent physical assets

  • Extends ERC-721 to establish secure communication channels for IoT devices

  • Can implement at the request of new IoT projects on Plume

ERC-4973 Account-Bound Tokens

Soul-bound tokens with standard ERC-721 metadata

  • Implements ERC721Metadata interface but does not extend ERC-721

  • Not being used by any active project

  • Still in Review phase

ERC-5114 Soulbound Badge

Soul-bound tokens that can only be minted

  • Does not extend anything

  • Not being used by any active project

  • Still in Last Call phase

ERC-5192 Minimal Soulbound NFTs

Soul-bound tokens that extends ERC-721

  • Extends ERC-721 by throwing on transfer functions and returning a boolean for whether it's locked

  • Only one new function on ERC-721

  • Not being used by any active project

ERC-5484 Consensual Soulbound Tokens

Soul-bound tokens with immutable burn authorization

  • Extends ERC-721 by throwing on transfer functions and allowing the issuer or receiver to burn the token

  • Only one new function on ERC-721

  • Not being used by any active project

ERC-5507 Refundable Tokens

Refundable fungible and non-fungible tokens

  • Extends ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 with refund functions

  • Holds funds in escrow for some period of time

  • Can implement at the request of new shopping projects on Plume

ERC-6065 Real Estate Token

Non-fungible tokens that represent real estate

  • Extends ERC-721 to represent legal details of real estate on-chain

  • Can implement at the request of new real estate projects on Plume

ERC-6239 Semantic Soulbound Tokens

Structured social graph data for soul-bound tokens

  • Extends ERC-5192 with Resource Development Framework triples

  • Only being used by the author's own startup, Relation Labs

  • Social graph data is not relevant to onboarding real world assets on Plume

ERC-6672 Multi-Redeemable NFTs

Non-fungible tokens that can be redeemed in multiple scenarios

  • Extends ERC-721 with redemption functions

  • Can implement at the request of new ticketing projects on Plume

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