Deploy with Thirdweb

After connecting to the Plume testnet and funding your wallet with bridged SepoliaETH, you can easily deploy any EVM-compatible smart contract using the same tools used in Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon development.

Network Parameters

All tools will require that you provide some or all of the Plume testnet network parameters so they can deploy to the testnet. You can refer to them here:


Network Name

Plume Testnet


WebSockets RPC URL

Chain ID


Currency Symbol


Block Explorer URL

Thirdweb Setup

Thirdweb is a company that builds open-source developer tools and provides a no-code web interface to deploy and manage smart contracts on any EVM-compatible network. Simply sign up for a free account using your funded testnet wallet to get started.

Deploy NFT Contract

To deploy a tokenized asset on Thirdweb, navigate to the "Explore" section in the "Contracts" tab and click on "NFT Collection". Then click on "Deploy now" and fill out the details of your asset.

In the "Network / Chain" section, click on "Select Network", then search for and select "Plume Testnet".

Finally, click on "Deploy Now" and sign a series of 4 transactions using your connected wallet. Make sure that your wallet is connected to Plume Testnet for every transaction. Your NFT will be live on the Plume Testnet within a minute.

Mint Single NFT

Head back to the "Contracts" tab and click on your newly deployed contract. Click on the "NFTs" tab in the left sidebar under "Extensions", then click "Mint" to mint a single NFT from your collection. Since your connected wallet is the only wallet with the minter role, this NFT collection will remain a 1-of-1 NFT as long as you only ever mint one NFT.

Fill out the details, click "Mint NFT", and sign a single transaction to mint the NFT. You can also see the resulting NFT in your wallet under the "Tokens" section on the Plume Testnet block explorer.

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