What is the RWA Launcher?

Plume is the first ever blockchain that's optimized for real world assets, offering asset tokenization as a core feature. With other tokenization platforms that exist today, asset issuers have no choice but to pay tens of thousands of dollars to deploy a limited subset of possible assets on permissioned or heavily restricted closed-source infrastructure, which often isn't composable with onchain DeFi dApps.

The Plume RWA Launcher is our solution to these problems. Currently under development, the RWA Launcher is a self-contained, comprehensive, end-to-end tested full-stack tokenization application that will be completely open-source, MIT-licensed, and free—both gratis and libre. Anyone will be able to run the RWA Launcher by following the installation and setup instructions. While currently in active development, issuers can already sign up for the waitlist here.


The Plume RWA Launcher consists of four main components:

  • Next.js/React frontend application (dashboard) that provides a no-code user interface for asset issuers to install apps, go through the tokenization process, and perform onchain actions on Plume

  • Next.js/React frontend application (purchase flow) that provides a no-code user interface for asset buyers to buy, sell, and view the RWAs tokenized by asset issuers that can be hosted on issuer's own websites

  • Node.js/Express server (backend) that connects the dashboard frontend and the underlying database infrastructure

  • Database and caching infrastructure that can be deployed to AWS or GCP

The dashboard is designed to provide a wizard-like user experience, which guides issuers through the tokenization process step-by-step and suggests the appropriate apps to install based on the specific type of asset being tokenized. These tokenized assets can range from:

  • Physical assets that require warehouse management and logistics like sneakers or casks of wine

  • USD cash generating assets that require onramps and onchain dividend distributions

  • Restricted securities that go through a Reg D filing that can only be sold to accredited investors

App Store

To deal with the large diversity of different tokenized assets, the Plume RWA Launcher employs an app store model, which allows issuers to install modular applications to fit their specific tokenization needs.

We are constantly adding in additional apps and functionality into the RWA Launcher. Please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you're interested in providing your own services into our product.

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