Token Faucets

You can get ETH and GOON from Plume's official faucet. Note that all of these are testnet tokens with zero monetary value.

ETH Token Faucets

ETH is used on the Plume testnet to pay for gas, and is just ETH on Ethereum Sepolia bridged into Plume. You can get ETH directly from Plume's official faucet, or you can bridge SepoliaETH onto Plume using the Plume Testnet Bridge. The transaction will be confirmed within three minutes.

You can get SepoliaETH from the following public faucets:

Stablecoin Token Faucets

You can get stablecoins by going to the USDC faucet on the Plume block explorer. You can connect directly with your Plume testnet wallet and click "Write" under 1. requestTokens to get 100,000 fake testnet USDC:

Alternatively, you can call requestTokens (with no parameters) directly on the stablecoin faucet contracts. The primary token contract addresses are:

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