Connecting to Plume

Plume is currently deployed as an L2 rollup settling to the Ethereum Sepolia testnet. Continue reading to learn how to connect to the Plume testnet, or see Network Parameters for the full list of network parameters.

1. Install Wallet

Install a wallet in order to interact with the Plume testnet. Plume supports all EVM-compatible wallets, including:

2. Bridge into Plume Testnet

You won't have any ETH to start out with in your Plume wallet, but you can easily get some by bridging testnet ETH from Sepolia over to Plume.

First, get some SepoliaETH into your Sepolia wallet from one of the faucets below. The transaction will be confirmed within a minute.

Then, bridge the SepoliaETH onto Plume using the Plume Testnet Bridge. The transaction will be confirmed within three minutes.

3. Connect to Plume Testnet

With your wallet of choice, navigate to the settings menu to add a network manually. Fill out the form with the Plume testnet network parameters:


Network Name

Plume Testnet


WebSockets RPC URL

Chain ID


Currency Symbol


Block Explorer URL

As an example, the steps to connect to Plume testnet using MetaMask are:

  1. Open the MetaMask extension.

  2. Click the network selection button in the top left of the extension.

  3. Click "Add network".

  4. Click "Add a network manually".

  5. Fill out the network parameters using the table above, then press "Save", then click "Switch to Plume Testnet".

4. Check Your Plume Balance

You should now be able to see your ETH balance on Plume testnet within your wallet. You can also check your wallet address in the Plume block explorer to see your balance and recent transactions. Congratulations on onboarding to Plume!

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